Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Snow fun should be capitalised on by PR

Ok I have an idea and I think it is great BUT I am doing essays for my final year (asides from this)! So no fun in the snow for me but here is an idea I had. And hopefully PR will make the most out of this weather where some industries may suffer...

Here was my PR stunt idea:

1.) Build a snowman

2.) Boil the kettle

3.) Make a sign

4.) Take a photograph to send to PR agencies with a sign saying

" Give me a job or the snow man gets it!"

Disclaimer at the bottom of the email would read
"No snowmen were harmed in the making of this photographic stunt...but they could be"

So what PR news have I noticed... Local councils coping 'the best they can' with snow, ice and gritting. Supermarkets speaking of panic buying, certain product sales up (even cat litter).

News courtesy of Twitter and @deankirbyMEN "Back on the cat litter front, Sainsburys say sales up 20% as people try to 'fight off hazardous ice in and around their homes'.

The cat litter one is my favourite so far, I will be honest.
Anyway let's see what is thrown up over the next week or so.
Anyone see any good examples then please let me know... The more creative the better!

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