Friday, 18 December 2009

PR Degrees-What's the difference?

This is my attempt to get back into blogging! And with a new colour- I think white looks better. More industry related ones to follow but for now I want to know what other students are doing in their PR degree at other Universities. I think this area is over looked somewhat.

I am in my third and final year at the University of Sunderland and so far I have completed modules in PR (obviously), Social Media, Non-Commercial PR, PR Ethics, Journalism, Advertising and Marketing as well as Media and Cultural Studies. The course is also CIPR approved.

I have done a week placement as part of my course and have to do another 2 weeks this year. One placement has to be in-house and the other in an agency. We have produced a newsletter for an organisation (I did this for a primary school last year) and we are doing an Internal Communications Audit this year (mine is for a Secondary school this year).

This academic year we have also done speech writing and in the New Year we will be looking at Crisis Management which should be interesting!

I would like to know what other PR students do at Universities in the UK. For example, I know some don't do press releases and I believe others do a year placement.

If any PR student past or present would like to comment please do...
What do you like or don't like about your course? What could be improved? Is it perfect?