Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Get naked!


How about this for a PR stunt. One of those simple yet effective ideas. Get naked, run around a bit and see if you can draw attention to yourself.

My question is- was this a good idea? Possibly.You would certainly get alot of attention (331,030 views on Youtube and countless mentions in National press) but it may not be for the right reasons.

I don't recommend doing this on a drunken night out by any means... Either way I think that in Britain it is just far to cold for anything like that!

Thursday, 26 March 2009

A good example of social media...


I like this idea and we should see where it goes...

Here is who created it...

When I mentioned this there were over 60 emails sent. See how many have been sent when you throw an egg-look in the top right top corner.
Posted at around 15:30 26th March...
The amount of emails sent is now 1544, which is a respectable amount. I expect that alot more traffic will have been to the site but may not have sent an email.
14:29 31st March

Update: There have now been 2120 emails sent. However, the combined 'egg score' (amount of eggs thrown) added together from Obama, Sarkozy, Hu, Brown and Singh amounts to 52,402. That is a pretty significant amount. The politician with the most eggs thrown at them is Gordon Brown with 16694 and the least is Mr Singh with 6568... (14:20 7th April)