Monday, 23 February 2009

Have a break...

KitKat have created a new website where NOTHING happens! Great, fantastic! A total waste of time!

Instead we could just turn our computer off but although this seems useless it does make a rather good point. When do we ever really not use the internet?

With the rise of social media it seems that all we ever do is use a computer or our mobile phones to communicate with each other. We feel the need to constantly let each other know how we feel, what we are doing and what we have just done. This begs the question, why? I guess it's liberating and makes us feel like we have a voice, that we are not alone, that we matter.

Of course those reasons are social. In business they allow people to target consumers, publics and stakeholders. It is an area of communication which companies are attempting to understand and use more effectively. It is extremely cost effective in many cases. For example you can search for your company/organisation on Facebook in order to find out what people think about you or your product. This is much cheaper than finding people on the street and can be much quicker. 

However, that is the thing with Social media research, it costs nothing to produce in materials as it's at your fingertips already-it is time and to quote that famous quote or equation; time equals money.

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